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Join the Russian Orphan Lighthouse Project in Russia, March 25-31, 2010, as we see the sights of Moscow and get to know older orphans available for adoption! Families will choose a child to host and will have first priority to adopt that child. Single boys and girls and sibling groups are available.Travelers need not be interested in adoption to participate. For more information, call Becky at (616) 245-3216, use the e-mail link under “View my complete profile,” or visit

I thought about adopting today.

I saw a sweet baby far far away.

I know that you needed someone to hold you. Pick you up, feed you and warm you.

There is a waiting list for the perfect healthy you .

Your eyes are bright and your affordable too!

I want to adopt and this is just swell!

A healthy baby fills the space in this family as well!

If I sit any longer and search for a child, I may be persuaded to adopt someone else.

So, I better stop looking as I see some grim truth about kids older than you.

Your all orphans and really quite poor, but there’s something here about the lot of you older than four.

It says you get left behind, forgotten or lost.

My heart cant bear to read the truth of your cause.

I know its my right to choose who I want!

Don’t make me feel guilty for going after what I want!

Wait Lord, Im sorry, I see its not guilt.

Your showing me more than what most people  do not see.

Its the the heart of that lost baby..still waiting for me.

He may not be small or even so clean.

But this is our baby and now he is thirteen.


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