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Dancing in the minefields,something to think about

On Saturday evening I had the pleasure to accompany my husband to a silent auction fundraiser for a family greatly impacted by Lyme Disease.  Being only  so close to the family as time permitted as they trained with us at Gracie Barra didnt change how much we wanted to see all of them win this battle.

The husband specifically, is truly a testimony for the statement made by many at the Wedding Alter, “For better or worse.”  We are inspired to see a husband gently caring for the woman he promised, laying aside everything for the woman and family he loves so much.  Its so easy to love conditionally but the kind of love displayed by this man really blessed us as we watched the evening unfold. God Bless you Tom and Family, we love you and are praying for all of you. We dedicate the video below to you and many of us who feel that love is strong enough for us to go sailing in the storms and dancing in the minefields.


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